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What are some in-flight amenities and services offered by Qatar Airways to enhance the passenger experience? How does Qatar Airways prioritize safety and security for passengers and crew? What measures does Qatar Airways take to accommodate passengers with special dietary requirements? Can you provide information on the entertainment options available on Qatar Airways flights? What are some tips for overcoming jet lag and staying refreshed during long-haul flights? How does Qatar Airways handle unexpected situations such as flight delays or diversions? Can you share any insights into the training and preparation required to become a flight attendant with Qatar Airways? What are some destinations served by Qatar Airways that are popular among travelers? How does Qatar Airways support environmental sustainability and reduce its carbon footprint? Can you offer advice for passengers traveling with young children or infants? What are the procedures for handling medical emergencies on board Qatar Airways flights? How does Qatar Airways ensure the comfort and well-being of passengers during overnight flights? Can you share any memorable experiences you've had while working as a flight attendant with Qatar Airways? What are some cultural sensitivities that Qatar Airways crew members should be aware of when interacting with passengers from diverse backgrounds? How does Qatar Airways maintain high standards of cleanliness and hygiene on board its aircraft?